Image: Sahalee Splash Park

The idea of a splash park began germinating in Madras going as far back as 2014, with aspirations of a simply designed 800 sq ft park for children and families to enjoy. In particular, former City Councilor Chuck Schmidt advocated to include a splash park amenity in Sahalee Park’s original master plan.

In 2016, Keith Manufacturing joined the Bean Foundation in financially supporting a splash park project, with the goal of not only expanding project support to other business and community members but expanding the scope of the project by a quarter of a million dollars. City staff and foundation board members diligently reached out to members of the Jefferson County communities and were successful in raising a combined $250,000 toward the project and successfully securing a matching Land Water and Conservation grant to fully fund the expanded 2,800 sq ft park project.

On June 29, 2019 the Ethan Stovall Spray Park at Sahalee park officially opened to very excited children from all walks of life, laughing, splashing and running around the new feature with glee. The park was named for a local infant who passed away with the hope that children would play in the park in his memory. On any given day you can drive by the park and see children and adults alike, splashing and enjoying the cool water on a hot summer’s day. This project is a beautiful example of the collaborative spirit of the Jefferson County public agencies, businesses, and families, who more often than not come together to support projects that positively impact the lives of our community members.